NUTSHELL- body of a crazy person

NUTSHELL- body of a crazy person

It is my desire to share knowledge that I have gained trying to
make my life work, I'm a Mom, Wife, Cancer Survivor, and live in
a nutshell. I don't plan on CANDY COATING any of what I have
learned. It is what worked for me and I expect my readers to
use their own judgement before implementing these things into
their lives.
God Bless

I am not a Doctor so if you do what Do know that it may not work for you please use your own judgement when deciding a course of action if in doubt talk with your Doc

Monday, January 9, 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up

When teachers in elementary school did role call they sometimes asked us to tell them what we would like to be when we grow up my answer was always the same a ceramic lady. To which the teacher would stop and ask me what I meant and I would tell them. My mom teaches ceramic classes in our home and I want to be like the women that come.  Oh these ladies were wonderful. It was a sad day when I realized they would come but I would be in school all day and miss out. I digress. There were two other things I wanted to do in my life from the time I was small was be a wife and a mother.

 I loved Babies my Sister was born when I was 4 and my brother was born the year after. I was in heaven Babies were my life. I remember them each coming home from the hospital and wanting to hold them and love them. Because I was so young this was a dangerous thing for them as I believe I dropped each one of them on their respective heads.  I was the true girly girl.

My older sister was the bomb in my eyes. She was a tomboy strong and athletic popular and three years older. I also wanted to be just like her. The difference in our talents and strengths were compounded by the difference in our age.

 My desire was a tall order that I strove hard to fill. She was ranked 7th best in Western Canada in diving. It was all I could do to put my hands together and tuck my head in before hitting the water; I had no awareness of my where my body was in space to be spoken of. Even though I was terrified of heights and I climbed a mountain (okay foothill) to be just like her only to find myself clinging to a steep slope with many loose rocks crying until my brave Uncle climbed up to rescue me.

 I remember having a discussion with my aunt after that became important as I grew up. She told me that I was special and that I did not need to be like Pam to be special.   To be honest I still want to be like her in many ways; she is still the bomb. Now when I look at her I admire her willingness and desire to help people learn, her ability to help me and others see good things about ourselves and her aptitude for breaking things into small steps that make the impossible possible.  

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