NUTSHELL- body of a crazy person

NUTSHELL- body of a crazy person

It is my desire to share knowledge that I have gained trying to
make my life work, I'm a Mom, Wife, Cancer Survivor, and live in
a nutshell. I don't plan on CANDY COATING any of what I have
learned. It is what worked for me and I expect my readers to
use their own judgement before implementing these things into
their lives.
God Bless

I am not a Doctor so if you do what Do know that it may not work for you please use your own judgement when deciding a course of action if in doubt talk with your Doc

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So What

Well I haven't posted in a long time... too long. Fact is I was trying to write out the story of being diagnosed with cancer so you'd know how that went. Well I got all bogged down on the crappy details and what I thought you should know and then I hated what I wrote and it didn't have a direction or real point. It kinda sounded to me like a pity party and I try to only throw those occasionally. wink wink

I am obese... I have lost 90 lbs yeah!!! I was at 115 but have put on 25 lbs. So now I must work again...

groceries need to be healthy
 menus for week lots of low fat protein combined with fruit and veggies
3k walking everyday
servings of food need to be appropriate.

Resources That I found that help free program that has:
1. a place to manage menus calorie intake relative to the weight that would be healthy to loose with options for planned menus or you can add your own.
2. a place to track your activities from workouts to household tasks for calories burned that calculates relative to your weight.
 ie. if you weigh 200lbs you burn more calories than a 150 lbs person would doing the same activity.
3. a place to track weight and measurements and progress
4. a healthy guideline that aides you to realize weight loss
5. a way to be involved in an online communities to assist with health issues, weight issues and to learn tips from other users.

This is a great tool that helped me start. It takes some time to get the hang of it however it is totally worth doing you can even
1) add your own food and nutritional values
2) make food groupings like 2 slices of bread 1/2 a tomato slice of cheese teaspoon of mayo and enter it all together saving you time and making it easir to actually keep doing

Ill write more about this later

catch you on the flip side

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